Rose Forte


The Stoughton Housing Authority is happy to announce that every resident of the Capen Street fire received a monetary donation this week from the town of Stoughton.  We would especially like to thank the Lions Club and Steven Prone for their generosity.  We would also like to recognize Bob’s Famous Foodmart for holding a raffle and supplying the prize with all proceeds benefiting the residents of Capen Street.  We cannot thank the community enough for their support of the residents of Capen Street and would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. 


"On behalf of the Stoughton Housing Authority (SHA), we want to thank everyone who has posted online to generously offer furniture to our displaced Rose Forte residents. We are happy to report that since the July 18th fire we have been able to assist everyone who requested our help obtaining replacement furnishings. Many Stoughton residents contacted us and the Council on Aging with donations of furniture, household appliances, and clothing. We assisted our residents by picking up donated furniture and moving it to their new locations or storage units.  The phenomenal donation made by Bob’s Discount Furniture of a $500 gift card to every affected household greatly assisted in meeting this need......




How long will it be before I can return to my apartment?

We are estimating 8 months but understand this is only an estimate. We will update this timeframe as more information becomes available to us.


Can I still pick up my Bob's gift card?

Yes we still have them at the office for anyone who has not picked it up yet.


How do I contact the Stoughton Housing Authority?

Our new address is 136 Britton Avenue, Stoughton, MA.

Our phone number has not changed. It is 781-344-6599.


How long can my items stay in storage and who is paying for it?

Items can remain in storage until your apartment is ready or you find other permanent housing. The Stoughton Housing Authority is paying for the storage units.


Who do I pay rent to while in my temporary apartment?

You will continue to pay rent to the Stoughton Housing Authority and we will pay the Housing Authority you are staying with. The process ensures that you are not paying more rent than you were living at 4 Capen Street.


Do I have to pay rent if I am staying with family/friends until my apartment is ready?

No you do not continue to pay rent until you return to your apartment.


What if I am staying with family/friends but cannot stay until my apartment is ready?

Please contact the Stoughton Housing Authority and we can assist you with locating a temporary apartment with another Housing Authority.


Should I forward my mail to my new address?

Yes, the Stoughton post office will only hold your mail for 30 days it is important to fill out a change of address form. We have forms and can assist you in completing the address change.